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Soil Moisture and Temperature

Green Grass

The soil sensors are buried in the ground at the levels indicated below. Each level has a temperature probe and a moisture sensor.

Moisture is measured in Centibars (cb) with a range of 0 to 200 with 0 being totally saturated and anything over 100 being extremely dry. The centibar (cb) is an agricultural unit of soil water tension (water pressure on plant roots).

For planning purposes, if your home is located close to the Tyler Texas Weather site or in other areas of Tyler with similar loamy sand soil, you can use the "Estimated Days Until Watering is Required" value displayed in the sidebar. You can view the various soil types throughout Smith County, Texas along with the location of Tyler Texas Weather here.

Depth Currently Temperature Status Today's Extremes
4 inches 56°F    Optimal Root Growth    58°F at 3:47pm
51°F at 4:50am
8 inches 57°F    Optimal Root Growth    57°F at 12:00am
54°F at 7:30am

Depth Currently Moisture Status Today's Extremes
4 inches 5 cb    Saturated Soil    Wettest – 5 cb at 12:43pm
Driest – 6 cb at 12:00am
8 inches 26 cb    Irrigation Desired    Wettest – 26 cb at 12:00am
Driest – 27 cb at 6:24am

Temp °F Temperature Status Moisture cb Soil Status
< 20    Winter Kill Possible    0 – 10    Saturated Soil   
< 33    Soil Frozen    11 – 25    Adequately Wet   
33 – 40    Lawn Growth Ceased    26 – 60    Irrigation Desired   
41 – 50    Root Growth Only    61 – 100    Irrigation Needed   
51 – 65    Optimal Root Growth    100 +    Dangerously Dry   
66 – 75    Optimal Shoot Growth       
76 – 90    Shoot Growth Only       
90 +    Lawn Growth Ceased       

Soil Extremes This Month

Depth Temp High Temp Low Wettest Driest
4 inches 69°F on 11/10/20 50°F on 11/3/20 4 cb on 11/8/20 6 cb on 11/1/20
8 inches 67°F on 11/10/20 53°F on 11/3/20 22 cb on 11/1/20 35 cb on 11/17/20

Soil Extremes This Year

Depth Temp High Temp Low Wettest Driest
4 inches 97°F on 7/13/20 40°F on 2/7/20 1 cb on 7/10/20 12 cb on 5/8/20
8 inches 90°F on 7/13/20 44°F on 2/7/20 4 cb on 6/3/20 37 cb on 1/5/20

Soil Extremes All Time (Starting January 31, 2017)

Depth Temp High Temp Low Wettest Driest
4 inches 97°F on 7/13/20 34°F on 1/18/18 0 cb on 3/10/17 36 cb on 6/9/17
8 inches 93°F on 7/2/18 37°F on 1/18/18 0 cb on 6/19/19 194 cb on 6/9/17

Average Monthly Soil Temperatures – 4 Inch Depth (Starting January 31, 2017)

Month Temperature Month Temperature
January 46.7°F July 84.3°F
February 52.1°F August 82.6°F
March 59.1°F September 76.9°F
April 65.3°F October 65.2°F
May 75.5°F November 54.5°F
June 82.0°F December 49.5°F