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Weather History For December 2

An early season snow and ice storm struck the southeastern U.S. It produced 11 inches of snow at Charlotte NC, and six inches at Atlanta GA.
(Ref. David Ludlum)

A late season hurricane caused extensive damage across the Florida peninsula, then moved off the Georgia coast crossing Cape Hatteras as a tropical storm. The storm produced whole gales along the Middle Atlantic and Southern New England coast.Winds gusted to 60 mph at Block Island RI, and reached 64 mph at Atlantic City NJ.
(Ref. David Ludlum)
(Ref. Wilson Wx. History)

The high temperature of 78 °F at Las Vegas, NV set the all-time warmest temperature in December.
(Ref. Wilson Wx. History)

Boston, Massachusetts recorded its lowest December pressure of 28.49 inches of mercury.
(Ref. NOAA Boston Weather Events)

Southern Illinois: Three tornadoes swirl across Illinois counties of Bond, Macoupin and Madison; three die and 25 are injured. One death occurs in a car tossed 200 yards near Mt Olive.
(Ref. WxDoctor)

A late season tornado killed four persons in Madison County and Bond County, east of St Louis, MO. Three tornadoes touched down in Illinois that afternoon, compared to just half a dozen tornadoes in the month of December in 115 years of records up until that time. Thunderstorms also produced hail, which caused more than four million dollars damage in the St Louis area; it was the most damaging hailstorm of record for Missouri.
(David Ludlum) (The Weather Channel)
(Ref. Wilson Wx. More Information)

A tornado causing F2 damage moved through Madison and Macoupin counties in Illinois.One person was killed and 3 more were injured in a car that was carried 200 yards near Mt. Olive.
(Ref. Wilson Wx. History)

The first major snowstorm of the season covered parts of northwest Oklahoma with as much as 9 inches of snow through the 3rd. Most roads became snow packed and hazardous, which caused schools across the area to close for one to two days. Just south of the heavy snow area, freezing rain and sleet iced highways and bridges along a belt 100 miles wide, from southwest to northeast Oklahoma. Temperatures in the teens and 20s helped to maintain the snow cover for a week.
(Ref. Wilson Wx. History)

A tornado, 400 yards in width, touched down about one mile below the summit of Timpanogos Divide. Trees up to 18 inches in diameter were snapped, and some of the 38-inch snow cover was carried 1000 feet above the ground as the tornado traveled one mile.
(Ref. The Weather Channel)

Big snows occurred across the lower Great Lakes and Ohio Valley. One of the more remarkable amounts was 19.5 inches at Detroit, MI.
(Ref. AccWeather Weather History)

High winds buffeted the Colorado Rockies. Wind gusts were clocked at 104 mph at Nederland, CO, 100 mph at Morrison, CO and 62 mph at Rocky Flats, CO.
(Ref. Wilson Wx. History)

A tornado destroyed a home four miles south of Eastwood, MO.
The owners were not injured in that tornado, but ironically one was killed Christmas Eve when another tornado hit the replacement mobile home on the same site.
(Ref. The Weather Channel)

A tremendous rainstorm in central Illinois brought 6.12 inches of rain to Springfield during a 24 hour period through the 3rd. Jacksonville, IL had 4.80 inches and Peoria, IL recorded 2.89 inches during this period. Lake Springfield rose two feet over the old record stage, flooding nearby land. $100,000 dollars damage occurred to the dam at the lake, due to the tremendous flow of water.
(Ref. Wilson Wx. History)

The following locations recorded their warmest December temperature on record: Fort Wayne, IN: 71 °F (the only time Fort Wayne ever reached 70° in December), South Bend, IN: 71 °F, Goshen, IN: 69 °F, Elkader, IA: 65 °F, Genoa, WI: 65 °F, Prairie du Chien, WI: 65 °F, Alma, WI: 64 °F, Dodge, WI: 64 °F, Hillsboro, WI: 64 °F, Lynxville, WI: 64 °F, Neillsville, WI: 63 °F, Trempealeau, WI: 63 °F, Viroqua, WI: 63 °F, Caledonia, MN: 62 °F and Theilman, MN: 62 °F.
(Ref. Wilson Wx. History)

Richmond, Virginia had its latest freezing day of autumn on this date in 1985 when the temperature fell to 30 °F.The average first freezing day in autumn is October 29th. (1971 to 2000 average)
(Ref. Richmond Weather Records KRIC)

The significant snow storm from the previous day continued to effect the region, with snow totals including: Dorchester, IA: 18 inches (their greatest one-day snowfall), Hatfield, WI: 16 inches, Soldiers Grove, WI: 15 inches (their greatest one-day snowfall), Sparta, WI: 15 inches, Viroqua, WI: 15 inches (2.2 inches liquid equivalent, their wettest December day), Waukon, IA: 14 inches (their greatest one-day snowfall), La Crescent, MN: 13 inches, Preston, MN: 12.5 inches, Owen, WI: 11 inches (their greatest one-day snowfall, Dodge, WI: 11 inches, Goodrich, WI: 11 inches, Mather, WI: 10 inches, Fayette, IA: 8.5 inches.
(Ref. Wilson Wx. History)

A powerful storm over the Gulf of Alaska continued to produce high winds and heavy rain along the northern and central Pacific coast. Winds gusted to 80 mph south of Port Orford, OR, Stevens Pass WA was blanketed with sixteen inches of snow, and Blue Canyon CA was soaked with 1.63 inches of rain.
(Storm Data) (The National Weather Summary)

Squalls in the Great Lakes Region produced ten inches of snow at Union City PA. Gale force winds gusted to 55 mph at Buffalo NY.
(The National Weather Summary) (Storm Data)

Squalls produced heavy snow in the Great Lakes Region. Totals in Upper Michigan ranged up to 20 inches at Ironwood. Heavy snow and high winds caused 150 auto accidents in Michigan, resulting in sixteen deaths and 22 injuries. Strong northwesterly winds gusted to 73 mph at Johnstown PA, and Lowville, PA received 20 inches of snow in 36 hours.
(The National Weather Summary) (Storm Data)

Severe thunderstorms produced three tornadoes in central Oklahoma. Two tornadoes occurred in Logan County near Guthrie, and one tornado touched down near Perry, in Noble County. The tornadoes damaged trees, power poles, barns, outbuildings, and one of them unroofed homes near Guthrie. The December tornado event capped off a record year for tornadoes in Oklahoma, as 145 twisters were observed.
(Ref. Wilson Wx. History)

A strong winter storm dropped 50 inches of snow at Gin Flat, CA in 34 hours and 31 inches of snow at Big Flat, CA in 20 hours. Yosemite Valley, CA recorded 7 inches of snow in just 10 hours.
(Ref. Wilson Wx. History)

Over the east-central North Atlantic, Epsilon reached hurricane intensity with maximum sustained winds of 80 mph. Hurricane force winds persisted for five days. Epsilon is only the sixth December hurricane ever recorded in the Atlantic Basin.
(Ref. Wilson Wx. History)

Seaside, Oregon: A giant Sitka spruce known as the "Klootchy Creek Giant" snaps nearly in half under strong winds. The tree, the largest, in Oregon, stood 200 feet tall and wa estimated to be 500 to 750 years old, near the end of its life cycle.
(Ref. WxDoctor)

Weather history data courtesy of www.glenallenweather.com.