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Weather History For April 24

Sargeant, Nebraska:
Four and a half inch diameter hail is reported near Sargeant.
(Ref. WxDoctor)

Several tornadoes affected parts of central and southwest Illinois. One tornado of F4 intensity touched down near Jerseyville, and killed one person along an 18 mile path. Another F4 tornado passed just north of Carlinville and lifted near Atwater, destroying 50 buildings. Six people were killed in Christian County by an F5 tornado, which tracked from 9 miles southwest of Taylorville to near Sharpsburg.
(Ref. Wilson Wx. History)

Two women and one son lived to tell the story of being picked up by a tornado and carried more than a fourth of a mile, flying far above the church steeples, before being gently set down again. The young boy and one of the ladies said they had the pleasure of flying alongside a horse. The horse "kicked and struggled" as it flew high above and was set down unharmed about a mile away.
(The Weather Channel)

Severe thunderstorms spawned eighteen tornadoes over across the Central Gulf Coast States claiming the lives of 310 persons. The state of Mississippi was hardest hit. A tornado near Hattiesburg, MS killed 143 persons and caused more than half a million dollars damage. Four violent tornadoes accounted for 279 of the 310 deaths. The deadliest of the four tornadoes swelled to a width of 2.5 miles as it passed near Amite, LA. The tornado also leveled most of Purvis MS.
(David Ludlum) (The Weather Channel)

Heavy showers and thunderstorms moved into northern Illinois during the late afternoon/early evening. Midway airport recorded 2.05 inches of rain. Of the 2.05 inches, 1.29 inches fell in just five minutes; setting the record for the most rainfall in any single five minute period for Chicago. That was more than a third of the monthly average.
(Ref. Wilson Wx. History)

The minimum temperature for the date is 34°F. in Washington, DC.
(Ref. Washington Weather Records - KDCA)

The maximum temperature for the date is 94°F. in Washington, DC as a heat wave with the maximum temperatures of 95°, 94°, 93° on 23rd to the 25th giving three records in a row.
(Ref. Washington Weather Records - KDCA)

Thunderstorms (radar measured tops of 70,000 feet) produced hail mainly of golf ball to baseball size in the Mansfield, TX area.Many millions of dollars damage. A spokesman for the local newspaper noted, “It appeared as if the world was coming to an end.”
(Ref. Weather Guide Calendar with Phenomenal Weather Events 2011 Accord Pub. 2010, USA)

Showers and thunderstorms produced heavy rain in the Middle Atlantic Coast Region. Up to seven inches of rain drenched Virginia in three days. Morgantown, WV received 4.27 inches in 24 hours, and flooding was reported in south central West Virginia.
(The National Weather Summary) (Storm Data)

Low pressure produced high winds and severe thunderstorms in the Southern Plains Region. Strong thunderstorm winds destroyed two mobile homes at Whitt TX injuring two persons. Winds associated with the low-pressure system gusted to 70 mph at Guadalupe Pass TX.
(The National Weather Summary) (Storm Data)

Twenty cities in the central U.S. reported record high temperatures for the date. Russell KS was the hot spot in the nation with a reading of 101 degrees. Evening thunderstorms produced severe weather from Colorado to Wisconsin. Hail four and a half inches in diameter was reported at Sergeant NE.
(The National Weather Summary) (Storm Data)

Thunderstorms produced severe weather from the Southern High Plains to north central Kansas. Thunderstorms spawned ten tornadoes, including one, which injured four persons and caused 1.5 million dollars damage at Shattuck OK. Thunderstorms also produced softball size hail at Wheeler TX, wind gusts to 85 mph southwest of Arnett, OK, and 13.45 inches of rain near Caldwell TX, which resulted in the worst flooding in recent memory for that area.
(The National Weather Summary) (Storm Data)

Thunderstorms also produced softball size hail at Wheeler, TX, wind gusts to 85 mph southwest of Arnett, OK, and 13.45 inches of rain near Caldwell, TX, which resulted in the worst flooding in recent memory for that area. A tornado leveled most of Purvis, MS. Eight inches of rain in just two hours fell at Mathis, TX and 13.4 inches at Caldwell, TX in just three hours.
(Ref. Wilson Wx. History)

Severe weather struck parts of eastern Oklahoma during the afternoon and evening hours. Severe thunderstorms produced eight tornadoes and dumped hail up to the size of baseballs. The deadliest tornado of the year; an F4 touched down in east Tulsa, and followed Interstate 44 into the community of Catoosa. Seven people were killed and 100 were injured. Total damage was $110 million dollars.
(Ref. Wilson Wx. History)

The second windstorm in less than a week developed east of the Continental Divide and spread across the Denver metro area.High winds gusted from 60 to 90 mph. Several power lines and poles were downed. Some of the stronger winds included: 91 mph atop Squaw Mountain west of Denver, 90 mph atop Table Mesa near Boulder, 85 mph at Golden Gate Canyon.
(Ref. Wilson Wx. History)

Juneau, Alaska:
The temperature soars to a maximum of 70 °F , the earliest record of 70 °F to occur in Juneau.
(Ref. WxDoctor)

Cleveland, Ohio:
Late-season snow falls across portions of the lower Great Lakes. In the greater Cleveland area, one foot of snow accumulates in some localities.
(Ref. WxDoctor)

Weather history data courtesy of www.glenallenweather.com.